Business Development

SCC Business Services has the expertise to identify Demand Generation needs such as List Acquisition to target companies across various vertical markets, a creative team to design Direct Mail campaigns, E-mail campaigns, Sales Collateral, Company Brochures, Product Brochures and the Customer Care Professionals to Qualify Leads and make Appointment Setting calls.

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B2B Inside Sales

Having the ability to target a specific market segment at the right time is extremely important in growing your business. The ability to “expand” your sales staff at a moment’s notice gives you a competitive advantage for the long term success of your company.

Partnering with SCC Business Services to assist with lead generation, appointment setting and other “inside” sales tasks to grow you sales pipeline and work with your sales organization to convert leads into closed transactions improves your close ratios and drives down your cost per sale.

After the sale we can handle all on-boarding and customer follow up services that you require ensuring long term customer satisfaction and loyalty.

English and Bi-lingual Services

We understand the need for business to have English or Spanish language support and offer this as one of our services.

As an extension of your sales and marketing function, SCC Business Services brings operational marketing strategy expertise to assist in creating campaigns that will lead to success. We can either integrate with your team in a collaborative manner or assist you with strategic hands on leadership, as your business demands. Our focus is to identify and remove barriers that inhibit success, build a solid strategy, and help you build the elements that will generate demand for your products and services.

We help you build relationships with prospects and work to fill your sales pipeline with leads. We accomplish this based on expertise delivered through various integrated marketing tactics that include appointment setting / business development calls by our highly trained customer care professionals.

Our goal and objective is to generate demand for your product or service to a targeted market with the outcome to generate highly qualified leads and most importantly work with you to grow your revenue streams; SCC Business Services makes it easy for you to rely on us time and time again. 

Lead Generation / Appointment

With our state of the art technology SCC Business Services can assist your company with live agent lead generation and appointment setting calls that compliment your sales and marketing print and email efforts.

Having our Customer Care Professionals handle this task frees up valuable time for your sales organization. Your sales team will not be spending endless hours qualifying leads; rather they will be sent “qualified” leads to close which will decrease your cost per sale, shorten the sales process and more efficiently grow revenue streams.

Customer Satisfaction Campaigns (Surveys)

Historical data indicates that it costs five to eight times more to find a new customer than to keep an existing customer. This data also shows that a “very satisfied” customer is likely to be six times more loyal, will purchase additional products or services and will recommend a company than one that is just “satisfied”.

SCC Business Services can create a Customer Satisfaction Campaign utilizing a mix of email and call interactions with your customers that allow you to measure satisfaction, help identify new products or service offerings and most importantly help you to identify and focus on areas that are most important to your customers.

On-boarding and Welcome Campaigns

The most important part of creating brand loyalty is the initial and on-going contact with your customer once a sale is made. SCC Business Services we can provide live agent contact with your customer after the sale, welcome them to your company and make sure they received the product and service in a timely fashion. A welcome call provides that “extra” touch that will give your customer the feeling that they are important and not just another sale.


Win-Back / Re-Activation Campaigns

Identifying why customers leave or go dormant and working to bring them back into the fold is many times not a priority of a company due to lack of time and resources. Identifying previously “profitable” customers can be very beneficial in acquiring incremental business.

SCC Business Services has the ability to work with your Sales and Marketing teams to regain lost customers or re-activate lapsed customers through email or live agent call campaigns.

Customer Care

Customer Care is key in having satisfied clients and maintaining your customer base. Our success of delivering quality service by highly motivated and trained Customer Care Professionals ensures that your customers will have a positive experience during every interaction.

We understand the cost of acquiring a new customer and thus keeping them is extremely important. SCC Business Services works closely with you to develop a Customer Care program that delivers a positive customer experience, builds brand loyalty and fulfills your immediate and long-term Customer Care and Retention needs.

Elevate Your Brand

Our business model is to make your business look good and

SCC Business Services makes it easy for you to rely on us time and time again.

"My experience with SCC Business Services was amazing, I am very impressed with the results they delivered for my campaigns. With their experience, expertise and customer service I was able to take my business to the next level"

Alessandra Linder


Massage for Recovery

Social Media

Companies can benefit by responding readily to questions, complaints or general inquiries through the various social media sites. Actively managing the process helps companies improve communication and interaction with their customers. With consumers engaged in social media sites more than ever before it is important to monitor their comments or inquiries and respond to them in a timely fashion. No comment should go without a response longer than one business day.

We can assist your team in responding to the social media postings such as consumer complaints and inquiries to ensure you are responsive to your customers and effective in meeting their needs.